LeMieux’s Ecommerce Manager On Being A First Time Replatformer 
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LeMieux’s Ecommerce Manager On Being A First Time Replatformer 

In this episode we sit down with market-leading equestrian brand LeMieux’s ecommerce manager Jodie Bratchell to discuss their B2C and B2B migration from Zencart to Adobe Commerce.

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  • What it’s like transitioning to an ecommerce role
  • The experience leading a replatforming project for the first time
  • The benefits of deep customer & product knowledge when replatforming
  • Advice and insights on how to effectively manage a project

Migrations are challenging even when you’ve done them many times, but each project teaches you something new to help you improve delivery the next time. What’s it like when you’re doing it for the first time having previously not been in an ecommerce focused role?

Our guest, Jodie Bratchell, moved into her first digital role in 2018 and shortly afterwards leapt into a Zencart to Magento replatforming project for B2C and B2B sites, as well as being the key ecommerce stakeholder in switching over payment providers

Discussion notes

  1. Can you talk us through your journey into ecommerce & what it felt to be in your first ecommerce role with new responsibilities?
  2. You started off as the Ecom Administrator and were the project lead as there wasn’t yet an Ecom Manager: did you have any idea of what a replatforming project would entail?
  3. What surprised you the most in terms of complexity & challenges?
  4. What do you think worked well – what would you repeat if you ever had to do another project like this?
  5. What would you improve or do differently, and why, if you could go back and restart the project?
  6. From what you’ve learned, what’s your advice on how an ecom business should prepare for this type of project – what resources, analysis etc.?
  7. How did you approach assessing what needed to be improved from the old site?
  8. How important was competitor analysis and looking at other ecom sites that did things better than the old site, and how did you use the analysis?
  9. As a keen rider and competitor, you have a deep knowledge of the audience and product set: can you talk us through how this knowledge helps in the discovery and design phases of replatforming?
  10. In terms of managing partnerships with external agencies, what in your mind makes a good partner & what advice do you have for maintaining effective communication and collaboration?

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