Lessons Learned Working With BigCommerce & Building Apps for the Marketplace
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Lessons Learned Working With BigCommerce & Building Apps for the Marketplace

This episode provides an insight into why Space48 pivoted to being a BigCommerce development partner and how they’ve built their own apps for the marketplace.

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Space48 has a 13-year history in the ecommerce industry as a reliable and trustworthy ecommerce partner. With a track record as an independent advisor across leading ecommerce platforms, including Magento and BigCommerce, we reached out to get an objective view on the realities of launching websites using BigCommerce.

Why are we discussing BigCommerce?

BigCommerce recently announced record results, with total revenue up 49% year-on-year. There’s a buzz around the ecosystem, so for this episode we’re talking to an award-winning partner. We’ll help you learn more about why development agencies choose BigCommerce and the how Space48 has built their own apps for the app marketplace. Listen to our podcast with Innovation Director at Space48, Tom Robertshaw.

Tl;dr: what you’ll learn:

  1. How BigCommerce stacks up against some of the other mainstream platforms like Magento
  2. The benefits BigCommerce’s accelerated roadmap has given agencies & merchants
  3. Why Space48 is building its own apps and how these fit into the platform ecosystem

Key Discussion Points

  • How does BigCommerce perform when it comes to things like theme development and their APIs across the board? 
  • Space48 has worked with a number of platforms; what’s led to a lot of your builds going down the BigCommerce route?
  • What are the development and release pros and cons?
  • Why is your new category merchandising app needed & what does it do for an ecommerce team? 
  • Will you go multi-platform with these apps or stick with the BigCommerce marketplace?
  • BigCommerce is making a lot of noise about multi-store; where do you see this going and how does it compare with other platforms?
  • How do you see BigCommerce evolving over the next few years and why?

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