Why Maplin Made A Platform Pivot From Open Source Magento to Shopify
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Why Maplin Made A Platform Pivot From Open Source Magento to Shopify

An interview with Maplin MD, Ollie Marshall, discussing what made the business pivot technically from open source to SaaS and the positive impact this has had on operational capability.

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  • Why Maplin needed to review its ecommerce technology stack & what was the impetus to change
  • How the internal development team has found transitioning from Magento to Shopify
  • What the new Shopify tech stack looks like
  • Advice for other retailers considering changing their ecommerce platform model

It’s fair to say that Maplin’s MD Ollie Marshall has a been a Magento Open Source loyalist and enthusiast for many years. We recorded an episode with him two years ago on how Maplin built a scalable Magento solution, at which point open source aligned with the business and technical needs.

When he announced that Maplin’s ecommerce stack would pivot, moving away from open source to a new SaaS solution, we thought it would be interesting to find what brought about the strategic change of direction, and why now.

In this episode we explore the commercial decision-making path, understanding why Ollie decided SaaS was the right approach and what made Shopify the right fit.

Discussion notes

  1. What brought about the need to review your tech stack & what was the impetus to change?
  2. You’ve gone with Shopify and it’s clearly a different ecosystem and dev mindset: what are the key differences you’ve noticed in building on Shopify vs. Magento?
  3. You have an internal development team used to working with Magento, how has the team found the transition to working with Shopify?
  4. How have you built your ecommerce stack around Shopify: theme vs. headless, 1P apps, 3P apps, key integrations?
  5. How do you find plugging in and testing new apps and 3rd parties vs. Magento world
  6. How did you manage the change: did you do it all internally?
  7. Question on the Akeneo piece
  8. What advice do you have for other retailers considering change? 
  9. What’s next in your roadmap – new integrations, features?

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