Migrating A Multi-Store, Large Catalog Bookstore Business
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Migrating A Multi-Store, Large Catalog Bookstore Business

This episode provides an insight into how and why Monwell selected BigCommerce to power its large catalogue ecommerce book business.

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Monwell was founded in 2016 to provide ecommerce shops for booksellers. With extensive book industry knowledge and more than 1 million books in its warehouse, Monwell currently provides the online bookshop for brands like The Guardian.

Monwell recently replatformed to BigCommerce and implemented Comestri as a PIM to provide advanced product catalogue management. In this podcast we spoke to Co-founder and Director Nick Sidwell, to understand why BigCommerce has been chosen to power such a large product catalogue business.

Tl;dr: what you’ll learn:

  1. Why Monwell selected BigCommerce for a complex migration
  2. The pros and cons of using BigCommerce
  3. The benefits of using a PIM for large product catalogues

Key Discussion Points

  • What made you choose BigCommerce over other platforms or sticking with Magento?
  • You briefly considered going down the headless route; why did you decide against that in the end?
  • What benefits has using a dedicated PIM given the business?
  • How do you handle inventory and order management across the different stores? 
  • What is the key learning from the project; is there anything you would’ve done differently looking back?
  • Which other third party tools are used as part of the stack and why did you select them?

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