The Gym Group Pt1: Modernising A Complex Legacy Ecommerce Stack
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The Gym Group Pt1: Modernising A Complex Legacy Ecommerce Stack

This is the first instalment of a two-part mini podcast series with The Gym Group discussing their major replatforming project to evolve from legacy systems to a modern headless technology stack.

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  • The Gym Group’s approach to replatforming and structuring the project
  • The decision process for selecting a new tech stack
  • Why headless was the right architectural decision

The Gym Group provides the lowest cost no contract 24/7 gym nationwide, an impressive offering. Its online presence is more than an ecommerce store, it’s a bookings engine, content portal, exercise hub and customer service tool rolled into one that has to connect a vast customer base across more than 100 gyms. Its digital ecosystem handles millions of interactions every week, so technical performance and scalability is critical to success.

They recently invested in a large scale replatforming, evolving to a headless architecture to fix known issues and provide a more flexible and scalable ecosystem. In this podcast Digital Product Director Jim Hingston and Digital Trading & Ecommerce Leader Seanpaul Walsh share the inside view on what drove the need for digital transformation and how they approached project planning and delivery to set the business up for success.

Discussion notes

  • Overview of Project Maui & why it was needed – replatform of website, APIs, member services & CMS
  • How do you structure a project like this, how did you get to the 12 swim lanes?
  • How did you resource it – did you rely on the existing team or did you recruit specialists for key roles like PM, BA etc.?
  • What are the key systems for ecommerce – backend and frontend?
  • You’ve made the evolution to headless commerce: headless brings with it tech & operational challenges, so what made you convinced this was the right architectural route?

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