Paid Media Best Practices for Platform Migration
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Paid Media Best Practices for Platform Migration

An interview with Scott Wright

In our 18th episode, we’re joined by Scott Wright, who currently works as a Senior Paid Media Consultant at Vervaunt and has a very strong background in ecommerce paid media. Scott joins us to talk about best practices for paid media when moving ecommerce platform.

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Some of the questions we’ll cover in this episode include:

  • When should paid media be brought into the replatforming conversation?
  • What kind of actions / recommendations could paid media representatives bring to the table in these conversations?
  • What are the main aspects that need to be in a project spec / plan from a paid perspective?
  • Where do the biggest paid media issues generally come from in a replatforming project? Is it mostly the feed?
  • What do you consider to be best practice when it comes to handling product data within shopping feeds and how does this change when replatforming (e.g. match existing setup)?
  • How can different ecommerce platforms impact paid media teams?

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