Paul Smith: Migrating From Open Source Magento to Centra Headless SaaS
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Paul Smith: Migrating From Open Source Magento to Centra Headless SaaS

In this episode we sit down with Paul Smith’s head of digital Hannah Bennett and Ed Bull from her development agency partner Limesharp.

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  • Why Paul Smith decided to migrate to Centra
  • Understanding Paul Smith’s new ecommerce stack
  • Ensuring business readiness for new technology

In this podcast we discuss Paul Smith’s recent decision to move from Magento to Centra’s headless platform, a platform with a strong heritage in Scandinavia and now making headway in the UK.

We’ve known Limesharp for many years due to their background in the Magento ecosystem, and talked to them about ecommerce platforms a lot. Last year Ed started working with Centra, a platform we’ve got a soft spot for! Paul Smith is Limesharp’s pilot project and Hannah and Ed have worked together many times of the years.

We were excited to hear about their experience of working with Centra and how the migration is going, we hope you enjoy the project insights.

Discussion notes

  1. First question is for you Hannah – what made you make the move to Centra; what impressed you about them and what did you see as the benefits to Paul Smith?
  2. Ed from your perspective, what’s impressed you most about Centra with your experiences so far?
  3. Hannah – what does the rest of your tech stack look like? Are you making other changes, or is the main goal switching out Magento for Centra?
  4. Ed – how have your developers found working with Centra so far? Have you found it to be more flexible than Magento for headless? 
  5. Hannah – what are some of the complexities that come with your project? Have you done much around multi-channel and integrating with your retail stores?
  6. Ed – are there any other things that you built within or around Magento that make the migration complex from a development perspective?
  7. Both – how have you approached scoping out the new project? Ed and I were briefly discussing an example of a ‘nice to have’ feature that’s native Magento that could eat up loads of budget – how have you approached this kind of stuff? 
  8. Hannah – having worked with Paul Smith very briefly years ago, I know you’ve been quite Magento for a long time, so how are you ensuring your team are ready for this? Do you still have developers in house also?
  9. Both – any cool things you’re going to work on beyond launch? Anything on the roadmap that excites you?

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