Pay-As-You-Grow Shopit Ecommerce Platform
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Pay-As-You-Grow Shopit Ecommerce Platform

In our 38th episode we cover Pay As You Grow ecommerce technology, talking with Shopit Founder Adam Pritchard about the core platform and getting under the hood to learn where it sits in the market. With the brand positioning “Get Enterprise level features from day one – and only pay as you grow” we wanted to understand what this really means.

The Shopit website has a helpful comparison table to compare features and pricing with Shopify, EKM and Volusion. We recommend taking a peek.

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Some of the topics we cover in this episode, include:

  • What’s the tech stack & what’s the rationale behind building it in this way?
  • How extensive is the Shopit ecosystem and what does it look like?
  • Who’s the typical customer and what are the main reasons people give for selecting Shopit?
  • How easy is it for developers to extend the core platform?
  • What can ecommerce teams expect from the admin tools – what controls do they get?
  • How extensive are the SEO controls?
  • Does the platform handle International ecommerce natively?
  • What are the payment integration options?

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