Preparing Leadership Teams for Replatforming
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Preparing Leadership Teams for Replatforming

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In our 42nd episode, Paul and James are joined by highly experienced Ecommerce Director and Non-Executive Director, Gabrielle Hase, who has led and been a key stakeholder in a number of large replatforming projects. Gabrielle is the CEO of Soleberry Advisory (a specialist consultancy) and draws on her experience to provide recommendations for getting leadership teams bought into replatforming projects, setting expectations for key areas, managing stakeholders, key roles and lots more..

Some of the topics we cover in this episode include:

  • How well prepared are leadership teams for complex tech projects?
  • How can a leadership team prepare itself for a replatforming project?
  • What do senior teams need to do to ensure strategic projects are adequately resourced?
  • Risk is inherent in complex projects – how project sponsors can understand and plan for risk?
  • Does the client lead need PM experience or is it the ring fencing of resource and ownership that’s more important?
  • What imakes a good commercial leader for a replatforming project?

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