B&Q’s Digital Optimisation Lead On Running Project Teams & Roadmaps
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B&Q’s Digital Optimisation Lead On Running Project Teams & Roadmaps

Kaylie Mitten, B&Q’s Digital Optimisation Lead, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience building and running ecommerce project teams, project offices and product roadmaps.

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Unlock the secrets to running an efficient project team and crafting a winning product roadmap with our new podcast tailored for ecommerce businesses! Dive into expert insights from B&Q’s Digital Optimisation Lead Kaylie Mitten on orchestrating multiple disciplines, from strategic planning to flawless execution. Learn how to build compelling business cases, manage stakeholders effectively, and deliver impactful Board presentations.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this podcast equips you with actionable tips and best practices to navigate the complexities of project management and roadmap planning. Elevate your ecommerce strategy, streamline operations, and drive success with proven methodologies. Tune in and transform your approach to leading dynamic, results-driven teams!

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Discussion guide

  • Introduction to Kaylie & what she does
  • What’s the anatomy of a good project team structure: what roles are critical?
  • Project success is hugely influenced by process, people & tech: in your experience, what can go wrong and how do you avoid it?
  • We worked together doing a platform evaluation for FatFace: how do you ensure external consultants add value to an experienced project team?
  • What are your go to tools and processes to run projects as smoothly as possible?
  • How do you make this work remotely?
  • How do you approach your product roadmap: what’s your planning framework & toolkit?
  • How do you prioritise effectively, managing multiple stakeholders and often divergent viewpoints?
  • What’s your approach to piloting, MVPs, testing etc. vs full roll outs?
  • What’s your advice on reviewing and updating the roadmap, as it shouldn’t be static?

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