Shopify’s Strategic Direction: What Editions 2024 Means For Retailers
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Shopify’s Strategic Direction: What Editions 2024 Means For Retailers

James & Paul discuss what Shopify’s latest product release reveals about their overall strategic focus, and what the new features mean for ecommerce retailers.

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In this podcast episode, Paul & James review what Shopify’s latest product roadmap release, Editions Winter 2024, reveals about their strategic focus and how they’re positioning the product to tackle known challenges and feature gaps that previously required more work arounds.

Shopify’s concerted push into the enterprise space is well known, and the latest drop contains some interesting feature growth for international, omnichannel and order management. What’s interesting to see is the ticking off of some edge case features that will appeal to a certain size and complexity of business.

Tune in for insights into what the latest release means for ecommerce teams and how Shopify is evolving its market focus.

Key discussion points

  • Overall view: they’re now tackling edge cases & positioning for enterprise
  • Order management: love the ship from store piece – helpful with comparing, market location matching massive
  • Product catalogue: up to 2000 variants supported via API, some smaller UI improvements like colour swatches
  • Content: OS2.0 is interesting and not surprising 
  • Search: moving into NLP, visual filters
  • Customer data: Can see they’re opening up customer data – which is good esp with segmentation likely to get bigger
  • Subscriptions app live: customers can manage via their account
  • Bundles up to 30 products – how does it play with scripts?
  • Combined discounts in draft orders & new discount types: draft orders supporting metafields useful
  • Checkout extensibility: vaulted cards in checkout
  • For orders with multiple shipments, you can now automatically capture payments when each part of the order is fulfilled. Exclusive to Shopify Plus
  • Web performance reports in dashboard
  • B2B base theme inc bulk ordering & custom promotional discounts
  • Returns: Return and exchanges useful – more needed around this, but good still

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