Shopify Enterprise Summit – Important Updates On Strategy, Product Roadmap & Ecosystem
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Shopify Enterprise Summit – Important Updates On Strategy, Product Roadmap & Ecosystem

An interview with Alex O’Byrne, Co-founder and MD at leading Shopify partner We Make Websites, discussing the key learning from Shopify’s Enterprise Summit.

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  • How is Shopify tackling the enterprise ecommerce space?
  • What are the most exciting new features recently announced?
  • Where is Shopify headed and what does this mean for ecommerce teams?

This is a slightly different episode, with Paul in Miami on a half vacation / half work trip. Paul invited Shopify expert Alex O’Byrne to discuss the most important platform updates from last week’s Shopify Enterprise summit, attended by leading players in the global Shopify ecosystem.

The Shopify summit was really interesting, as it felt like a very different narrative and a different level of energy from Shopify, and a real insight into how they’re targeting enterprise level customers by removing previous platform constraints or perceived blockers.

Tune in for the inside view on Shopify’s enterprise play and exciting new features that are helping leading agencies counter previous limitations that made Shopify a harder sell to large global businesses. The episode covers the ecosystem expansion into large global consultancies like Accenture, improvement in multi-storefront, order management, content publishing, omnichannel, CRM and more.

Discussion notes

  1. The grown-ups have entered the room! What working with big global consultancies including Deloitte & Accenture means to Shopify’s GTM capability
  2. The average deal size in the Shopify ecosystem is increasing as the platform evolves in the enterprise space
  3. The impact Bobby Morrison has had on Shopify’s internal operations and how it’s working with agencies to ship features quicker
  4. Improving native support for multi store international ecommerce
  5. New omnichannel capabilities enabling split basket workflows for handling different shipping methods for items in the basket
  6. Introducing a proper Staging site to enable the deployment of upcoming releases to improve QA and collaboration
  7. Improvements to order management and order routing, including assigning inventory to specific markets
  8. The introduction of native customer segments to improve CRM capabilities
  9. Shopify’s strategic mistakes: lack of preparation for the cookie armageddon to handle changes like iOS tracking and limitations with tracking in the new checkout
  10. How Shopify is encouraging existing SI partners to improve their project approach to add more value to customers and attract bigger brands with a more mature GTM process
  11. How important is it for brands to adopt a headless approach on Shopify, and when is it relevant?
  12. Shopify’s maturing B2B feature set and the appetite from customers for using Shopify’s B2B product

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