Multi-Brand Ecommerce: How The Bottle Club Is Driving Online Sales
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Multi-Brand Ecommerce: How The Bottle Club Is Driving Online Sales

The Bottle Club’s head of ecommerce shares insights on what have been the main drivers of ecommerce growth over the last 2-3 years and which systems underpin this growth.

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  • The main drivers of growth for the business
  • The ecommerce tech stack that underpins sales growth
  • Using Algolia for smarter merchandising

The Bottle Club is a multi-brand ecommerce store selling nearly 10,000 different alcohol products. It has achieved considerable growth over the last few years, implementing specialist 3rd party systems to enhance its ecommerce capabilities.

In this episode we talk to head of ecommerce, Tim Martin Harvey, about the tech stack, how they approach multi-brand selling on Shopify, the value the Akeneo PIM has added and insights into using Algolia to improve search and merchandising results.

Discussion notes

  1. The Bottle Club has grown considerably over the last 2-3 years, what have been the main drivers of this growth? 
  2. The big challenge always talked about in multi-brand is not having the margin to go and scale new customer acquisition – how have you countered this? What’s your strategy here?
  3. You mentioned using contribution margin within marketing activity – can you talk us through how this works and which channels you’re applying it to?
  4. You’ve been on Shopify Plus for about 4 years, can you talk us through your end-to-end tech stack and how has this changed as your catalog has grown?
  5. How much of an impact has the PIM had? What are the main benefits and is it the free or premium version of Akeneo you’re using?
  6. I know product discoverability and range is a big selling point for you – how do you approach this with Algolia? How have you found using it for the collection merchandising side of things with a catalog of your size?
  7. What are some of the other macro influences in your industry? I know you’ve talked a lot about increasing prices etc and availability – talk us through this and how you’re managing?
  8. You do a lot of work with new features and improving the front-end, what are some examples of things you’ve done that have worked well?
  9. How do you work with the brands you sell from a marketing and activation perspective?
  10. What is next for The Bottle Club? What do you have coming over the next 12 months?

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