The Pros, Cons & Challenges of Headless Commerce
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The Pros, Cons & Challenges of Headless Commerce

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About This Episode

Everyone seems obsessed by headless commerce. Acronyms like PWA and SPA are common but we often find the non-technical audience doesn’t fully understand the implications, or know what impact this approach to the front-end can have on site speed and performance.

In this episode we speak to an expert who has helped many retailers through the transition to headless commerce. Tom McCaul is the founder and CEO at leading Magento agency Tom&Co, who have built headless B2C and B2B ecommerce sites for brands including Agent Provocateur, Oliver Bonas, Vashi and Topps Tiles.

Key Discussion Points

  • Key differences between PWAs and SPAs
  • Pros and cons of an SPA approach for an eCommerce and IT team
  • Impact of an SPA solution on core performance metrics and how teams should measure performance
  • Techniques and tactics to achieve marginal gains once a new site is live
  • Why Tom & Co built their own iCMS solution rather than using readily available third party solutions
  • The future of headless technologies and approaches
  • Tom & Co’s roadmap for their internal technologies
  • The current state of Magento

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