Using A Headless CMS To Deliver Rich Content Experiences
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Using A Headless CMS To Deliver Rich Content Experiences

Content management is front of mind in most replatforming projects as ecommerce teams seek to implement modern tools to improve content control and provide greater agility.

Driven by the need to deliver content-rich digital experiences across devices and channels, more businesses are investing in API-driven technologies. By adopting an API-first approach, the restrictions of the standard template-based approach are removed and content teams can craft content experiences as they see fit. Additionally, headless set-ups can provide greater control of content creation and publishing independent of development teams.

According to research carried out with global CMS practitioners:

  • Headless CMS adoption rates are expected to double in the next year
  • 86 percent of people feel positive about headless CMS
  • 63 percent of people who use a headless CMS rate it more effective for content management than a traditional approach

The rise of the headless CMS

More ecommerce teams are switching from native page builders to specialist CMS platforms. The modern way is to manage content from a single back-end and publish lightning fast experiences to any channel or device. For many ecommerce teams, it’s a challenge to understand the best way to manage and deliver content, and to decide whether or not a headless approach to content management is the right approach.

For our 68th episode, we’re joined by the CEO and CTO for a market leading headless commerce platform, Amplience, which is named as a strong performer by Forrester. James Brooke and John Williams help us demystify what headless content management is, share their experience of working with a wide range of ecommerce businesses to solve modern content challenges and provide insights on how the Amplience platform works and what’s coming soon in the roadmap.

You can also listen to our episode on headless content management via the following:

Key discussion points

  • Headless can be a confusing term; what is your definition of headless in the context of content management for ecommerce?
  • Can you clarify for listeners what Amplience does differently, where you see it adding value?
  • You’re a member of the MACH alliance; can you explain what the alliance is and why you joined?
  • What common content challenges or pain points do you come up against with ecommerce businesses?
  • How can teams seamlessly deliver rich content without developers?
  • What’s the business case for an ecommerce team investing in a specialist platform like Amplience?
  • What do you perceive as your current feature gaps vs experience platform competition?

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