Using Digital Experience Analytics To SuperCharge Your Content
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Using Digital Experience Analytics To SuperCharge Your Content

Digital experience analytics sounds like an industry buzzword but it’s actually an important capability for ecommerce teams to understand, especially when replatforming. Content can be a thorn in your side when migrating to a new platform because there are many questions to answer. For example what content to migrate, what to cull, what to reformat, which pages work well, which user journeys are most important etc.

Web analytics tools like Google Analytics are great at providing quantitative data but don’t give content teams strong data visualisation. To achieve this, it requires expert skills to extract, manipulate and translate the data into visual formats using tools like Data Studio.

Ecommerce teams have long recognised the value of data visualisation because it can speed up decision making. So who better to talk to than one of the leading digital experience analytics platforms, Contentsquare.

In May 2020 Contentsquare announced a successful $190 million Series D funding round, bringing the company’s to-date funding to $310 million. The platform analyzes 10 trillion behaviors daily across 700+ clients. James has personally worked on an integration with luxury jewellery brand Vashi and was impressed with the onboarding process and the level of data insights that helped the ecommerce team do content analysis to improve new site designs and user journeys.

For our 69th episode, we welcomed James Fearne who’s Lead Customer Success Manager to share with our audience the role Contentsquare plays in improving content analysis for ecommerce teams.

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Key discussion points

  • Let’s focus on the process of replatforming – what challenges do ecommerce teams face that Contentsquare helps solve?
  • Can you share a case study for a retailer that used your platform effectively to inform their new website content plan – what were the results?
  • How does Contentsquare help businesses analyse their content after launch?
  • Talk us through the on-boarding process – how long does it take to get live?
  • Technology is often under-utilised – how do you help new clients get the most from the toolkit?
  • You’ve been busy expanding the feature set, can you talk us through the recent acquisition of Dareboost and what Find & Fix is?
  • Can you share a case study of how a non-commerce client has used Contentsquare to help improve their onsite customer experience and content?

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