Faster Ecommerce Vendor Selection
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Faster Ecommerce Vendor Selection

In this podcast, we discuss common challenges for ecommerce teams when planning vendor selection for ecommerce. The focus is on helping you learn more about supplier selection for third party technology that you need to plugin in to your ecommerce stack.


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Technology selection

The technology landscape for ecommerce is vast and quite complex to navigate. There is a wide range of vendors all offering something slightly different. regularly updates its Marketing Technology Landscape map. Take a look at the 2020 version to be blinded by martketing automation choice!

When considering your technology selection processs, you need to set clear supplier selection criteria. It’s also essential to have a structured process for the evaluation of suppliers. At face value, there are many solutions that seem to do the same thing, just in slightly different ways, so how can you effectively choose between them?

To help answer this question, we invited Fergal O’Mullane, CEO and Co-Founder at Validify, to share his insights. Validify is a vendor management platform that gives consumer brands and retailers the tools to source, evaluate and manage the procurement of technology solutions into their business. Fergal provides practical advice on how ecommerce teams can improve their vendor selection process.

Validify’s strapline is ““We reduce the time, stress and risk of technology selection, so you can focus on growth.”. In light of this, we asked Fergal to join us and explain what this really means and how they achieve it.

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Key discussion points

  • What common challenges do businesses face when selecting ecommerce technology?
  • How well equipped are businesses for complex technology selection?
  • What are the key skills/experience businesses need for this process?
  • How does Validify fill the void – what’s different about you?
  • How do you ensure what you deliver is properly aligned with business goals and needs?
  • Talk us through the platform you’ve built – what are the key features?
  • Case study for how a leading ecommerce brand used Validify to select an ecommerce tech solution
  • What are the current tech trends – which tech areas have accelerated in 2020?
  • Your technology partner base is a critical part of the proposition: how do you select & vet tech partners?
  • What’s on the roadmap – where is the platform & service going next?

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