What is Help Your Hood? A COVID-19 Digital Initiative
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What is Help Your Hood? A COVID-19 Digital Initiative

An interview with co-founder, Sejal Parekh

In our 21st episode, we’re joined by Sejal Parekh, who co-founded community initiative Help Your Hood with her husband, Kevin Maguire. Both are digital and marketing specialists with bags of experience and we talked to Sejal about how they’re using their digital knowledge to benefit small, local businesses that are being financially impacted by the current climate.

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How you can help

Help Your Hood is bootstrapped by Sejal and Kevin’s own money and the generosity of others. Please find below ways you can help if you’d like to support this wonderful initiative.

  1. Submit your favourite local businesses online & share why you love them
  2. Find other local businesses near you that are already registered – buy a gift card if you can
  3. Share this website socially and add the hashtag #helpyourhood
  4. Tell friends & family about this – email them, call them.

Do you have development skills?

If you’re an experienced WordPress developer, reach out to Sejal & Kevin directly via the website – they’re looking for help to make the site multi-lingual to support a wider audience.

They’re also looking for developers who can support business owners that aren’t tech-savvy with installing voucher functionality onto their WordPress / Wix / Squarespace.

Key discussion points for this episode

In this episode, we cover:

  • Who are Sejal & Kevin, what are their digital backgrounds?
  • What is Help Your Hood and what’s its purpose?
  • Why are initiatives like this important and how can others help?
  • How did they set-up the website, what tools did they use?
  • What resources do they most need to help develop the website and reach a bigger audience?

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