What is Unified Commerce with Proximis
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What is Unified Commerce with Proximis

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In our 41st episode, James goes solo to talk with Eric Voltzenlogel and Anais Veeraptren from French technology platform Proximis. Proximis is a market leader in France, now available in the UK and making traction in Europe, with a proposition focused on ‘unified commerce’, so we wanted to discover what this means to retailers.

James delves into key features of Proximis, the benefits of an integrated ecommerce platform, key order management challenges, how Proximis can solve complex challenges around mixed basket, split shipment and much more.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode, include:

  • Where does Proximis fit in the ecommerce landscape?
  • What is the tech stack and why was it built this way?
  • What is unified commerce, what does it mean to an ecommerce merchant?
  • Understanding the Proximis solution – how does it help, what problems does it address?
  • How fully integrated is the ecommerce platform and OMS?
  • What is your unified checkout solution and how does it benefit merchants?

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