Why Ecommerce Platform Choice Really Does Matter
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Why Ecommerce Platform Choice Really Does Matter

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About Ecommerce Platform Choice

It’s fair to say that the ecommerce platform vendor landscape is cluttered. People have their preferences, based on prior experience and also, let’s be honest, bias. Depending on which expert source you read, the recommendation for which platform is best varies and there are so many resources including Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Forrester’s Wave.

When comparing platforms, it often appears that they do very similar things, with comparable feature sets either achieved natively or through ecosystem partners and apps/plugins. But how they do it and how close this fits with your operational model can vary significantly, as can the cost of running each platform.

For this episode, we answer a question we’ve heard asked many times: does platform choice really matter? In other words, is it worth spending time and £££ doing a detailed selection or can you just pick a platform that seems a good fit?

Paul and James share their experience working with a wide range of ecommerce businesses, from small brands to large omnichannel businesses, and give practical advice and use cases where platform choice has a clear impact on success.

Key Discussion Points

  • What are the key challenges with doing detailed platform evaluations and selection projects?
  • What are the risks of not doing a proper evaluation?
  • A discussion on the key use cases where platform decision can materially affect the business
  • Should you always do a selection project/RFP?

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