10 Principles for Replatforming Project Management
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10 Principles for Replatforming Project Management

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Replatforming projects involve people and technology, both prone to error! To minimise potential disruption and give your project the best chance of success, make sure you adopt proven project management approaches.

In this episode, James runs through 10 key principles that ecommerce teams need to take into consideration when running replatforming projects. These principles are based on direct project experience (the highs and lows!) and learning from working with both small and large organisations, from startups to omni-channel brands like House of Fraser.

  1. Appoint a project owner and project lead
  2. Establish a clear scope and deliverables
  3. Set clear roles & responsibilities
  4. Run an internal kick off workshop
  5. Maintain regular communication with stakeholders
  6. Use appropriate communication tools
  7. Use RAID logs
  8. Run weekly review meetings
  9. Set up simple project governance
  10. Keep people motivated and engaged

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