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Add To Cart User Journey Optimisation

Video summary

Practical advice on how to optimise the add to cart user experience for your ecommerce store to drive better conversion rates. Expert insights from two highly experienced ecommerce specialists.

Topics covered and timings:

  1. [03.35] Send users direct to the shopping cart / basket
  2. [04.38] Using product recommendations on-page
  3. [06.10] Using interstitial pages to improve merchandising
  4. [07.20] Slide out cart drawers
  5. [09.29] Simple mini cart/basket refresh
  6. [10.30] Testing your UI design
  7. [12.55] Ensuring there’s a persistent add to basket CTA
  8. [13.38] Making customer service & live support obvious
  9. [14.50] Promoting added value services
  10. [16.26] A/B testing your add to basket user journey flow

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Ecommerce context & trends

The average ecommerce cart abandonment rate according to Baymard is 68%. Whilst many abandons are natural, for example visitors not ready to buy or doing comparison shopping, many are also due to poor UX. The failure to address common barriers to purchase means many retailers are losing out on sales.

The user journey from adding to the shopping bag to reaching the checkout plays a key role in conversion. In UK the average add to basket rate is 4.17% and in the US is 4.19% (for context Shopify sites average 3.93%). How can this be improved?

What happens on your website when a customers adds an item to their shopping cart influences how many make it to the full checkout. In this episode we look at ways to increase add to bag rates and deliver a smooth UX to reduce cart abandonment and maximise your order value and conversion rate.

The most common shopper frustrations are:

  • Being unable to add items direct from product list pages
  • Being slowed down with unnecessary clicks
  • Not having a persistent add to cart button on key pages
  • Making it hard to add bundles or redeem product offers

Having worked with ecommerce teams and agencies to optimise their cart transitions, James & Paul share their top 10 tips for what to think about and how to get better results.


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