Using AI Chatbots To Create Empathetic Customer Service, With Siena.AI
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Using AI Chatbots To Create Empathetic Customer Service, With Siena.AI

In this podcast, James & Paul chat to Forbes 30 Under 30 technology leader Lisa Popovici, co-founder of the popular Siena AI chatbot used by ecommerce brands including Simply Modern, Superfoods and Doe Beauty.

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Technology is redefining customer experiences as traditional retail approaches are adapted to fit with online platforms. As technology keeps transforming commerce, artificial intelligence chatbots have emerged as an essential component in boosting online CX whilst delivering operational gains for customer service teams by reducing ticket volumes.

In this podcast, we chat to the cofounder of one of the leading ecommerce AI chatbots, Siena. Siena is an autonomous customer service platform designed for commerce, combining the best of human empathy and AI to transform your customer experience.

Tune in to discover what’s happening in AI, how ecommerce teams are using AI chatbots to improve their ecommerce operations and get advice on running proof of concepts and tracking chatbot performance.

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Key discussion points

  • You describe your mission as creating empathetic AI customer service to humanise the internet: firstly, can you talk us through the role it plays for brands?
  • How should brands think about implementing AI at this stage – what do you see as the biggest opportunities, the right resources and the right teams?
  • How do you see this changing in the short and medium-term future, what other AI solutions do you think are interesting?
  • How are teams managing their support staff after implementing an AI agent like Siena? What’s the impact on existing team members typically?
  • How does Siena enable brand guidelines to avoid failing key guardrails?
  • Can you talk us through some of the more interesting use cases for how your customers are using Siena to deliver customer self-service and make chatbot interactions engaging and successful?
  • How do you think CX tools themselves will come to market with AI solutions? What will this mean for Sienna?
  • How do AI agents differ from chatbots and which one should you choose? How do you see this experience changing and the two blending?
  • How do you track the performance of an AI agent? How can you make sure it’s working and it’s not putting customers off?
  • How have your clients approached a POC? What’s the process for launching an AI chatbot and realistically how quickly can you go live with an intelligent, well trained system?
  • Should you disclose you have an AI agent to your customers or not?

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