Approaching Integrations when Replatforming with Neill Holland
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Approaching Integrations when Replatforming with Neill Holland

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In this episode, we are joined by Neill Holland (currently works as a Solution Architect at Burberry), who talks us through his experience of scoping out and managing large-scale integrations as part of complex replatforming projects. Paul and Neill previously worked together on a project and Paul asked him to come onto the podcast to provide insights and tips for retailers struggling with or looking at these areas.

We asked Neill a host of questions on approaching different types of integrations, covering topics such as:

  • The best way to start scoping out key integrations as part of a replatforming project and how a discovery could look
  • Deciding things like frequency of data transfer, assigning the master for different areas etc when replatforming
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement when scoping out these types of integrations
  • Preferred routes for connecting systems (e.g. direct APIs, middleware / iPaaS solutions etc) and some of the benefits of different approaches
  • Handling random complex situations with ERPs (e.g. bundling, BOM SKUs etc)
  • The biggest challenges and issues that can occur with different systems and platforms
  • The concept of an MVP when integrating key business systems
  • Managing different stakeholders in projects of this nature
  • Key tips for people looking at their integrations when replatforming

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