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Basket & Browse Abandonment Marketing Automation – Good Practice Tips

In this ecommerce podcast, James Gurd and Paul Rogers share their knowledge from implementing basket abandonment and exit intent (browse abandonment) marketing campaigns, exploring common issues and how to tackle them, as well as providing implementation advice and tool tips.

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The average basket abandonment according to Baymard Institute is consistently around 68%. Why is this? Whilst it’s true some carts are abandoned due to easily fixable errors like poor checkout design, forced registration and hidden fees, some abandonments occur simply because the shopper hasn’t been convinced that your site and/or product is right for them. This latter group can be persuaded with the right information, provided you understand their objections.

This is where browse and basket abandonment marketing campaigns come in. Basket or cart abandonment marketing typically involves sending emails or SMS messages to shoppers who’ve left items in their basket. Browse abandonment is similar but focused on people who exit a website from a specific page without adding an item to their basket. Finding ways to encourage shoppers to complete tasks and push them into conversion funnels is a standard part of ecommerce but there are many challenges to tackle, not least understanding when to intervene and how to maintain a good quality CX.

Tl;dr: what we cover:

  1. What browse and basket abandonment are and why they’re important for ecommerce
  2. Common mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them
  3. Tools and implementation challenges

Key Discussion Points

  • A quick definition for anyone new to this: what is browse abandonment / what is basket abandonment & why does it happen?
  • What does good look like for browse abandonment?
  • What does good look like for basket campaigns?
  • How does SMS marketing support abandonment campaigns?
  • What are the common issues/mistakes and how can you avoid them?
  • Which tools and technology should ecommerce teams consider?
  • What are the key implementation challenges ecommerce teams face?

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