BigCommerce Product Strategy & Roadmap Update
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BigCommerce Product Strategy & Roadmap Update

The first in a two-part product strategy podcast with leading ecommerce vendor, BigCommerce. In part one we discuss product vision and positioning with Director of Competitive Strategy, Aaron Sheehan.

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  • General product strategy and focus
  • Key capabilities like multi storefront and B2B
  • BigCommerce’s evolution into generative AI

Product development is an interesting part of the ecommerce vendor landscape, and SaaS world is a constant stream of feature updates.

One of the benefits of hosting the Re:platform podcast is getting access to technology leaders and influencers to understand how they’re shaping product strategy. This week we’re focused on one of our favourite vendors, BigCommerce, and we’re joined by leading voices in the strategy and product development team.

Tune in for the first instalment, with practical insights and the inside view on product development.

Discussion notes

  1. The ecommerce vendor space is constantly changing, what do you see as the key changes over the past few years and how are you now positioning the platform in the market?
  2. No ecommerce platform can be a perfect fit for all businesses, so which industries & verticals are you focused on and why?
  3. Let’s drill into the B2B space as BigCommerce is recognised as a leading platform by analysts like Gartner: what are the key changes you’ve made for B2B merchants, such as better integration between the different portals?
  4. Where is the B2B product headed, what’s next in terms of features and functionality, how much is CX focused vs. behind the scenes admin tooling and performance?
  5. MSF (multi storefront) was big news last year, how many stores are now supported in one instance and how many languages per store?
  6. How is it currently set-up for MLI (multi level inventory) to connect multiple DCs and stock files and control which ones point to each locale?
  7. I know the team has been making lots of improvements for the development community, what’s been happening on the API front, as you’ve been busy opening up GraphQL across the store?
  8. What’s going on with page builder: Shopify has really pushed ahead, merchants really want more around things like scheduled publishing, is anything coming?
  9. There was a lot of demand for the launch of the EU servers: are these available to all merchants by default, what impact have you seen in terms of core performance?
  10. And at a feature level for ecommerce teams, can you talk us through the announcement about cloud AI-driven features, like the AI-generated product descriptions?
  11. How much focus is going on AI to enable AI generative tools for merchants that are native to the platform, can we expect more from you in this space?

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