Building CRO Into Replatforming Projects And New Tech Releases
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Building CRO Into Replatforming Projects And New Tech Releases

In this episode we sit down with experienced CRO consultant Dave Mullen to get his insights on the role of testing in technology projects.

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  • Integrating testing into full site replatforming & new tech launches
  • A sensible approach for validating new websites
  • The role testing should play after launch
  • How to run a proof of concept

Businesses consistently underestimate how useful client side testing can be in refining the process for releasing new features and new platforms, before potentially wasting a huge amount of time and money. It’s fascinating to see how consistently people’s desire to build a site they can be proud of leads to them taking their focus off their customers. Dave Mullen is an experienced CRO specialist who knows how to help businesses fill this knowledge and skills gap.

Discussion notes

  1. Let’s start with the commercial imperative: why should businesses factor testing into new ecommerce technology projects, as it’s an easy cost line to cut?
  2. And let’s get the elephant out the room; testing is expensive and time consuming we can’t afford to do it and don’t have the tools – how do you counter that and demonstrate a compelling business case?
  3. Running a proof of concept can speed up time to market: how should ecom teams approach POC and what tools/skills are required?
  4. Who should own testing for a big project, as in which internal stakeholder should an expert like you align with?
  5. A lot of people will see testing as BAU and not project-based; can you talk us through how you build test & learn into a full replatform & redesign without blowing budget and launch timeframe, where do you start?
  6. So let’s take a project where the full design is done, the new site is in UAT and the team has the jitters: how would you bring testing into the process to identify any deal breakers and improve the chances of success at launch?
  7. You’ve got bags of experience and worked with a wide range of businesses; what’s your ultimate testing toolkit with the sunset of Google OPtimize for (a) SME smaller budget (b) Enterprise deep pockets

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