Building Fast and Flexible Ecommerce Solutions with Commerce Layer
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Building Fast and Flexible Ecommerce Solutions with Commerce Layer

In this ecommerce podcast, we interview Filippo Conforti, founder of Commerce Layer, a composable commerce API for developers and interesting ecommerce solution geared towards technology leaders.

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The ecommerce platform landscape is ever shifting and there have been a lot of new vendors entering in the past few years, responding to the increase in demands for flexible, scalable technology stacks. In this episode we give you an insight into a composable commerce API for developers, Commerce Layer. Tune in to understand where Commerce Layer fits and how its proposition, being developer focused, is different to some of the other mainstream platforms like Shopify, Adobe, BigCommerce etc.

Listen to founder, Filippo Conforti, explain the genesis of the platform, their go-to-market strategy and where the platform roadmap is headed.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  1. What is Commerce Layer and how it differs from other ecommerce platforms
  2. How the platform supports different ecommerce use cases like subscription payments
  3. The ecosystem and roadmap focus

Key Discussion Points

  1. Why is Commerce Layer needed: what gap did you see in the ecommerce platform market (which is rather crowded!) and what commercial need do you solve?
  2. What’s the tech stack and why did you go down this route?
  3. Your go to market strategy is very different to other leading vendors like Shopify, BC, Adobe – your USP is “Composable commerce API for developers”: why this focus?
  4. From a developer perspective, how do you differ from other leading vendors who focus on the composable angle e.g. Commercetools & what feedback have developers given you?
  5. Your pricing is based on a mixture of orders per month, number of SKUs & markets: for Enterprise custom packages, what determines the cost, is it purely based on orders? And how do you work for businesses with very high order volume but low AOV and gross revenue so the license isn’t a disproportionate % of GMV? 
  6. The decision maker for most ecommerce replatforms is the Ecom Director, what barriers do you come up against with this audience and how do you overcome them i.e. what’s the business user proposition? 
  7. You recently won Rapha which is big news: what was the business case for using Commerce Layer vs. other vendors, how did the tech side persuade the business users?
  8. For many composable feels abstract, complex: you recently added a Demo Store; what does this provide out the box, how does this accelerate project builds?
  9. Platforms like Shopify & BigCommerce attract merchants through their thriving/expanding ecosystem of partners; what does your ecosystem look like and do you plan to expand this or retain a focus on developers APIs?
  10. What’s next in the roadmap: what are you focused on & why, what are your customers asking for?

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