Commercetools: Talking API-First Ecommerce
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Commercetools: Talking API-First Ecommerce

You can listen to our commercetools episode on API-first technology for ecommerce via the following channels:

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Paul and James are joined by joined by Brad and Martin from commercetools, who answer a host of questions about the commercetools platform, their eco-system, the benefits of using an API first platform and much more! Topics covered include:

  • How does API-first differ from a conventional, off-the-shelf ecommerce platform?
  • What kind of functionality is natively available within commercetools?
  • What is a good use case for the platform?
  • What does an average stack look like for a mid-market retailer?
  • What’s the platform focus – will you add more natively?

If you have any questions for Brad or Martin you can reach out via LinkedIn or you can visit the commercetools website.


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