Ecommerce Fraud Protection + Revenue Optimisation
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Ecommerce Fraud Protection + Revenue Optimisation

On this podcast you’ll discover why businesses need to take ecommerce fraud protection seriously.

Ecommerce growth was bolstered during the COVID restrictions, as retail stores had to close and more purchases moved online. As ecommerce sales grow, so do opportunities for fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities in business process and technology stacks.

Online fraud management is an integral part of your business security. Whilst the challenges are changing, the tools available to support your business have matured. Using a specialist ecommerce fraud protection platform is about more than just reducing fraud: it can help you accept more valid orders and avoid punishing legitimate customers. Revenue protection is as important as screening fraudulent use.

Ecommerce Fraud Management Platforms

The chargeback guarantee landscape is constantly evolving to keep up with new market needs and the threats they create for ecommerce businesses. Through that evolution, the landscape has become increasingly crowded as well, making the selection of a chargeback guarantee vendor a challenge for many merchants.

In a recent report by independent research firm the Aite Group, Signifyd was named as the best in class market leader. The platform is ranked highest overall among chargeback guarantee vendors. With more than 10,000 global customers, Signifyd’s network is rated as a key differentiator among providers. We thought it would be a good idea to reach out to our contacts and invite them on to the podcast to explain how it works.

For our 59th episode we’re joined by Chris Hemmings from Signifyd, who talks about the fundamentals of managing fraud risk. The podcast explores best practices for fraud protection, why a tool like Signifyd is required and how Signifyd can help to unlock more revenue for your business.

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Key discussion points

  • What are the common issues you see facing ecommerce teams in relation to processing & accepting online orders?
  • What causes chargebacks & is this still a big threat to retailers?
  • Why is an additional fraud management tool required?
  • How global is your product – are there any regions/countries where you don’t offer a service?
  • How is PSD2 impacting Signifyd and its product offering?
  • What’s the ROI justification – can you share a few case studies where retailers have generated a positive ROI?
  • You said you can replace the need for 3DS – what acceptance rate increases have you seen doing this?
  • What’s next in the roadmap for 2021?

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