Movers & Shakers In Ecommerce Integrations: What Tech Is In Demand?
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Movers & Shakers In Ecommerce Integrations: What Tech Is In Demand?

An interview with Jim Herbert, CEO of integration specialist Patchworks, giving insights on the most popular integrations that Patchworks is building for its customer base.

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  • Key ecommerce technology trends of 2023
  • Which vendors are in the most demand for integrations, and with which platforms
  • What new 3rd party tools are emerging

An insightful podcast interview with Jim Herbert, CEO at Patchworks, a leading integration specialist. Listeners will gain invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of ecommerce technology.

Patchworks, renowned for its prowess in understanding the intricate web of integrations, empowers businesses with seamless connectivity. During the episode, Jim Herbert sheds light on the current trends in technology integrations. With a finger on the industry’s pulse, Patchworks provides a unique vantage point, discerning the technology choices embraced by thriving ecommerce enterprises.

The podcast highlights the prevalence and significance of specific integrations that are currently trending among businesses navigating the digital marketplace. You’ll also get a forecast of the industry’s trajectory as Jim shares his perspectives on where ecommerce technology is headed. His predictions and analyses, rooted in Patchworks’ expertise, serve as a compass for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Discussion notes

  1. What do you make of the last 12 months in ecom tech: moving past bucket terms like MACH, headless, composable: how do you see the tech that ecommerce teams are working with evolving?
  2. Low-code / no-code – feels like you’re embracing this a bit, do you see this as a big part of your long-term future?
  3. Process Flows is a relatively new addition, and you’ve shown a few simple POC options in your YouTube videos: how are customers using it, what are the most popular flow types?
  4. Which ecommerce platforms are the most active for Patchworks in terms of new integration and in which functional areas e.g. payments, merch, CRM etc.?
  5. You’re adding connectors for ecommerce platforms that are newer to the UK market like Scayle – what demand are you seeing from ecommerce businesses vs. tech companies building out their connectors as part of their GTM strategy? 
  6. What new 3P tools are you seeing emerge around the core platforms, and how platform centric is this vs. tools that seem to be in demand across multiple platforms? Shiptheory, Klaviyo…
  7. Do you have any insights on what type of business is investing in marketplace integrations, is it across verticals or vertical specific, for example you recently announced a Mirakl connector
  8. It was interesting to see a connector for Salsify in the October release notes: have you seen an uplift in demand for PIM solutions?

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