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Ecommerce Performance Monitoring & Testing

Discover what impact performance monitoring has on the bottom line and what the real cost of failing to test site speed and performance is.

At your most business-critical times and under peak demand, digital channels need to cope with high volumes of traffic without fail. Website monitoring for ecommerce sites is about more than just page speed, it’s about entire customer journeys through your site and ensuring the highest possible customer experience is maintained at all times.

The impact of performance monitoring

Websites consist of multiple layers of code (HTML, Java Script, AJAX etc.) and request information from servers, databases, content delivery networks and more. Code can impact usability as well as page load. Therefore, performance testing needs to measure the user’s experience of your full site, not just the speed at which pages load.

Performance monitoring and testing are an essential part of replatforming. The only way to know a site is ready to go live is via thorough testing, including load testing to ensure it can stand up to peak volumes and performance testing to ensure your user experience is fit for purpose. Monitoring and testing helps reduce the risk of poor UX, which can result in a reduced conversion rate and unhappy customers.

Often businesses don’t have the tech skills in-house to do detailed performance monitoring, or they don’t have the resource bandwidth. This is why they turn to external specialists, so we reached out to the team at thinkTribe who work with a wide variety of retailers including Boden, Cineworld and Dixons Carphone.

For our 61st episode we’re joined by Alistair Morrison, Senior Business Development Manager at thinkTribe. Alasdair has worked with many brands implementing site monitoring and site testing programs, and shares his insights on what impact it has had for their Clients.

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Key discussion points

  • What is the difference between monitoring and testing?
  • How significant is the impact of poor performance on conversion and the bottom line?
  • What are the most common issues when evaluating ecommerce sites and what’s the underlying cause?
  • How does mobile synthetic monitoring differ to non-mobile monitoring?
  • How is dynamic monitoring evolving as the modern tech stack changes?
  • Most agencies do some level of monitoring – what does thinkTribe do that’s different?
  • Can you share a case study and talk us through the problem/solution and what impact it had in terms of key metrics?

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