Ecommerce Price Strategy with Prisync
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Ecommerce Price Strategy with Prisync

Ecommerce price strategy is important for every business. Reacting to market changes for some brands can be the difference between success and failure, especially when selling a commodity product, for example an ecommerce store that’s a reseller of 3rd party brands such as electrical goods. Managing price with a flat price file structure is time consuming and manually intensive. That’s why lots of organisations have invested in automation technology. 

In our 48th episode. Paul & James interview Burc Tanir, CEO & Founder of Prisync, about how they’re helping ecommerce businesses to manage their ecommerce price strategy more effectively. Price management is fundamental to any ecommerce business and having the right tools in place to enable price management is a competitive necessity.

You can also listen to this Prisync ecommerce pricing episode via the following:

Some of the key discussion points include:

  • What types of business use Prisync and for what reasons?
  • What’s the difference between dynamic pricing and repricing from your product POV?
  • Describe how your customers can import data into the pricing platform to support smart pricing rules
  • How does your MAP pricing model work & in what markets is it relevant?
  • How does Prisync onboard new Clients and how much ongoing support is provided?
  • What’s the pricing model and how do licenses work?
  • Please explain what your free trial offer is and how listeners can take advantage?


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