Essential Ecommerce Team Roles & Responsibilities
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Essential Ecommerce Team Roles & Responsibilities

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About Ecommerce Team Roles

We’ve had many conversations with ecommerce businesses looking to grow but not sure what resources they need. There are several questions that businesses typically seek to answer:

  • Which roles should we bring in-house and why?
  • How do we augment our core team with specialist external resources?
  • What type of external resource fits best with our growth model e.g. contractor, consultant or agency?
  • How does the team structure need to evolve as the business grows?
  • What are the common challenges with growing a team?

There isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Each business has a unique strategy and growth plan and resource need to be aligned with this. However, there are sensible starting points for building out an ecommerce team and deciding essential ecommerce team roles and responsibilities for your business.

For our 90th episode, Paul and James share their experience working with a wide range of ecommerce businesses, from small brands to large omnichannel businesses, and give practical advice on defining essential ecommerce team roles.

Key Discussion Points

  • What ecommerce team roles do you start with when you’re a small business with limited resource?
  • Does every business need a T-shaped generalist?
  • What should you have inhouse vs. outsourced and how does this change as you grow?
  • Which specialist roles fit well internally?
  • How do you compliment internal staff with external resource and keep a happy culture?
  • How do you keep people motivated as you grow the team?

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