Headless Front-Ends: Understanding Front Commerce with CTO Pierre Martin
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Headless Front-Ends: Understanding Front Commerce with CTO Pierre Martin

In this episode we sit down with CTO and co-founder of Front Commerce, Pierre Martin, to discuss how the technology stack Front Commerce is built on and how it’s benefitting ecommerce customers.

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  • What is Front Commerce’s front-end solution for ecommerce?
  • What type of business does a headless front-end suit and why?
  • Product features, roadmap and integrations

As businesses grapple with the relevance and impact of evolving technology stacks to deliver greater flexibility and speed to market, with headless and composable both dominating the marketing speak, there has been a rise in front-end specialists. With great flexibility comes great responsibility, so it’s important to understand how the front-end market is developing and what better way that to speak one of the leading front-end platforms in ecommerce, Front Commerce.

Listen to their CTO and co-founder, Pierre Martin, and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Christian LeLaidier, explain how the platform works.

Discussion notes

  1. Let’s start with market positioning, can you summarise to our listeners what Front Commerce is and what it provides to ecommerce businesses?
  2. Headless is quite a vague term as there are lots of models; what is the typical tech stack a retailer needs when using Front Commerce and the front-end, as in what other systems are essential like ecom platform CMS etc.?
  3. Can you talk us through the tech stack that Front sits on and what benefits this offers ecommerce merchants in terms of performance, speed etc.?
  4. For SMEs we work with, the prospect of headless is off putting due to perceptions of technical complexity and escalating costs, what size/type of business do you think this fits best and why?
  5. You have a native theme to speed up deployments, could you summarise what is included and what needs custom development e.g. is there a native checkout, native templates for PLP, PDP
  6. What are the essential engineering skills required to make a project on Front work, for example you said full stack isn’t essential. Also what inhouse engineering resource do you recommend the end client has for ongoing maintenance?
  7. When we first chatted you talked about progressive migration – can you explain what this is, why it’s relevant and how retailers are adopting this approach to tech evolution?
  8. You’ve got a major project with Remix, which is a tech shift designed to significantly improve website lighthouse speeds – can you share why you’re moving to Remix and how this will benefit ecommerce businesses?
  9. One of the things I really like is that you audit the overloaded code once a partner is ready to deploy a new site – can you explain what you do & how this benefits?
  10. Interestingly you’ve also got an integration with Commercetools planned but they recently bought Frontastic – why do you see an opportunity and need for Front Commerce in a Commercetools project?
  11. And finally where’s the product roadmap headed, what can people expect in the next 6 -12 months, any new extensions for 3rd parties for search, merch , personalisation etc.?

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