How Smarter Data Capture & Validation Improves Checkouts
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How Smarter Data Capture & Validation Improves Checkouts

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Data validation for ecommerce checkouts

More people are shopping online then ever, with the underlying shift to digital rapidly accelerated by the pandemic. This massive volume increase simply increases the demands on ecommerce teams. Your checkout is a key area where fixing issues and delivering the best possible user experience will directly contribute to conversion and revenue.

Did you know that cart and checkout abandonment account for up to a 70% loss in sales on average, based on 41 studies conducted between 2012 and 2019? Reducing and recapturing this lost revenue can greatly increase your conversions, allowing you to grow faster. One way to achieve this is to improve the quality of data capture using smart automation tools.

For our 96th episode, James was joined by Matt Furneaux, Global Commercial Director at Loqate, a GBG solution. Loqate is a global solution specialist, providing a range of technology services to ecommerce teams to improve data capture and validation in the checkout.

Key Discussion Points

  • 04:30 You recently released a report on the future of the digital checkout: why do people give up on checkouts?
  • 10:15 What are the key challenges retailers face with data verification and validation in the checkout?
  • 14:30 What’s impact do validation errors have on CX and conversion?
  • 18:00 What are some of the additional challenges retailers face with international checkouts?
  • 26:50 What are the most common issues causing data errors in postcode and phone fields, and how does technology improve this?
  • 33:00 What are the pros and cons of postcode lookup vs auto-complete & which performs better?


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