Lifecycle Marketing & Data Integration With Smart ESPs
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Lifecycle Marketing & Data Integration With Smart ESPs

Typically businesses have larger budgets for acquisition than retention. However, retaining customers for most ecommerce teams is a competitive necessity to drive LTV (lifetime value). At the core of this is effective and targeted communication. As ecommerce continues to grow and consumer expectations around service and experience become more demanding, businesses need to understand how to better communicate with their customers.

Customer experience marketing platforms have increased in popularity. According to data we took from, there were 4x more live sites using them in 2020 than in 2015. Data is critical to this; without the right data, you can’t tailor marketing campaigns to customer needs and behaviours.

As a data-first platform, we reached out to the team at Ometria to find out how their platform, in their own words, “gives marketers the ability to create personalized experiences across the customer journey”. Having both worked on projects involving Ometria, we wanted to explore how Ometria’s in-built customer data platform brings together data from all touchpoints. How can the platform be used to build a unified profile of each shopper & what this really means for ecommerce teams.

For our 70th episode, cofounder and Chief Experience Officer James Dunford Wood and Solutions Consultant Toby Carnell joined us to discuss data integration for eCRM and implementing lifecycle marketing strategies. As a recognised market-leader, we explored how ecommerce teams can create and deliver incredible experiences across all customer touchpoints using Ometria’s cross-channel marketing platform.

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Key discussion points

  • How does Ometria’s customer data infrastructure work?
  • What are the key marketing features & what’s changed in the last 12 months?
  • Why are there still so many generic email programmes?
  • What blockers are there for ecommerce teams to buy into lifecycle marketing & how do you typically counter these?
  • How can Clients teams ensure their data is ready for a customer experience platform?
  • What issues & challenges does Ometria typically encounter when doing a new integration & how do you resolve them?
  • Talk us through your client onboarding process – how do you understand a client’s unique requirements and ensure the project is aligned with their business needs?
  • What’s an optimal ESP/CRM implementation and how is this complicated by an international set-up?
  • What’s coming up in the product roadmap for your Clients?

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