How Narvar Helps Improve Your Post Purchase Customer Experience
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How Narvar Helps Improve Your Post Purchase Customer Experience

In this ecommerce podcast, hosts James & Paul interview Adrien Naeem and Chris Hoskin of Narvar to discuss how ecommerce teams can build the business case for post purchase customer experience.

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Join us for a podcast deep dive into Narvar’s customer experience platform. We interview Adrien Naeem, GM EU, and Chris Hoskin, Marketing Director, to discuss how ecommece teams can build the business case for post purchase CX, the key features of the Narvar returns portal and how they support retailers to provide a red carpet experience for premium brands. Discover how other businesses are using Narvar and where Narvar sees the future of post-purchase CX.

Useful resources from Narvar

  1. ROI calculator for investing in post purchase CX
  2. Hierarchy of post purchase customer needs report

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  • Building the business case for post purchase CX
  • Key features of the Narvar platform and returns portal
  • Connecting to local drop off point connections to improve returns management
  • Red carpet experience for premium brands

Key Discussion Points

  • What is Narvar & what do you mean by post-purchase customer experience?
  • What type of company typically uses your platform, and how do their projects differ from each other?
  • Most businesses still see these flows as a cost line; how do you typically build the business case, which issues does Narvar focus on and why?
  • Please talk people through your online returns portal: what features, where is it hosted, what control to retailers have over the design and flow?
  • You also connect with local drop off points to extend the returns network: how global is this and if we focus in UK, how extensive is the network & which partners are you using?
  • Customers can set up unique triggers – could you give a few examples where existing customers have used this feature and what interesting triggers they’ve focused on?
  • You talk about red carpet experience for VIPs, which will interest premium brands: how is this achieved, what can retailers do & can you give us an example of this in action?
  • How does the pricing model work: we’ve worked with many SMEs who consider shipping & returns providers to be too expensive for their size, so how is this affordable and how do you work with retailers to create a realistic investment plan?
  • You said post purchase will be a commodity. where do you see post-purchase CX going for ecommerce businesses? 

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