Omni-Channel Personalisation with Murat Soysal of Segmentify
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Omni-Channel Personalisation with Murat Soysal of Segmentify

In our 45th episode, Paul and James sit down with Murat Soysal (Co-Founder of Segmentify) to talk about the importance of omni-channel personalisation in ecommerce, how the Segmentify product has evolved to stand-out in a relatively saturated market, the role of their search product, reporting and much more.

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Some of the key questions we asked Murat, included:

  • What makes a good product recommendations solution? How do you differ from the other vendors on the market?
  • What level of control do you offer around business logic and general rules for product recommendations? How important is this?
  • How does your templating work? Can this all be handled via the admin or would a developer generally style the templates? Also, how long would an average integration take?
  • Segmentify have a personalised search solution also – talk us through how this works – are you building out affinities based on shared attributes and behaviour etc?
  • Does search also give you that same level of control over the merchandising side of things? Also, are you also using the machine learning that’s powering the recs within the search intelligence?
  • How does your push notifications offering look and how much control do users have around targeting etc?
  • Your also do triggered emails – what types of emails are you sending? Is this a big area for you or do people often stick with their ESP here?
  • Talk us through your reporting for each of these services – is this a big focus for you? Also, how do you tie the customer segments into these reports?
  • Which ecommerce platforms do you work with most and what do your integrations look like?
  • What’s on the Segmentify roadmap and what are some of the features that you’re looking to release short-term?
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