Patchworks CEO On Their New Business Intelligence Solution For Ecommerce
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Patchworks CEO On Their New Business Intelligence Solution For Ecommerce

An interview with longtime friend of the podcast Jim Herbert, now CEO at Patchworks, on the new business intelligence platform they’ve launched and what it offers ecommerce businesses.

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  • Why Patchworks launched a BI solution and who it’s for
  • Product data capabilities and integrations
  • Product strategy and roadmap

Patchworks is well established as a leading integrations platform for ecommerce businesses. They recently launched a business intelligence (BI) solution built on Microsoft Power BI to provide a data lake and visualisation solution for customers wanting access to the data flowing through the platform.

In this episode we discuss why Patchworks launched its BI, what it offers ecommerce teams and what the product vision is for the future. Tune in to hear directly from CEO Jim Herbert.

Discussion notes

  • Let’s start with an obvious question: why has an integration specialist introduced a BI tool?
  • Is Patchworks BI a standalone product, or exclusively targeted to those already using Patchworks iPaaS and designed for reporting based on data flowing through existing connectors?
  • Which platforms have you already built a connector for & are there more to come?
  • What setup work is required from merchants – what tech resource do they need? 
  • What default business reports and dashboards are pre-built, what tooling is there to create your own custom views and exports?
  • You say it’s been set-up by BI experts, can you talk us through the journey and what the team has focused on and why, as in what metrics and data types?
  • How can merchants plug in other data sources that aren’t currently supported via a connector? For example if they’re running an order conf NPS and collecting NPS scores, can these be passed to generate custom reports to show sales performance by score band?
  • What functionality does it have to export and share data?
  • What’s the product strategy and roadmap focus?
  • We talked briefly about the licence for BI, how does cost scale as usage grows?

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