Planning for Peak Trading
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Planning for Peak Trading

In our 46th episode, Paul and James cover the important and topical subject of peak planning, with discussion points including technical planning and provisioning for peak trading cycles, merchandising best practice, common issues and points of failure, forecasting demand and various ideas for effective trading.

With Black Friday weekend fast approaching and this year expected to be the biggest ever given the continued shift to online in many product categories, it’s essential ecommerce teams have locked down their systems preparation and last minute sense checks are completed.

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Some of the key discussion points include:

  • Handling excess demand when it outpaces your fulfilment capability
  • Ensuring you have the most appropriate license/version for 3rd party plugins & plugins are working as expected
  • Checking pages and features are built to handle volume effectively
  • Stress testing your checkout and payment flows
  • Ensuring back-office admin tools are bug-free
  • Get people into email / SMS alerts

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