SAP’s Upscale Commerce SaaS Solution
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SAP’s Upscale Commerce SaaS Solution

Understand where SAP’s Upscale Commerce SaaS solution fits in the market and how they’re positioning against other leading SaaS vendors.

SAP is well established as a global market leading business software provider, specifically for its ERP capabilities. In terms of ecommerce, SAP bought Hybris ecommerce platform in 2013 and SAP positions itself as the intelligence enterprise.

They recently launched a SaaS ecommerce solution to target SME. Hybris has traditionally been seen as an enterprise play, a more complex integration that isn’t as quick to market as platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, so we wanted to know how market ready the new platform is and explore some use cases.

In our 63rd episode, we’re joined by Neil Howarth, Solution Director – Commercial Sales UKI at SAP Customer Experience. Neil talks to us about the new SaaS offering, where it sits in the market, the core feature set and its relationship with the core SAP CX platform.

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Key discussion points

  • What does an ideal customer look like for Upscale?
  • What types of retailers are you targeting?
  • At what level of maturity is the platform – how many live sites do you have, what are some examples?
  • How do you see your point of difference and why?
  • How does Upscale compare to leading SaaS platforms like Shopify and even the likes of Magento or Salesforce?
  • What does the technology stack look like? How is this different to CX?
  • Can you give us an overview on the core feature set?
  • What’s the plan when it comes to creating an eco-system around the platform?

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