Shopware On Their Platform Strategy & Roadmap
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Shopware On Their Platform Strategy & Roadmap

In this ecommerce podcast, James interviews Justin BiddleUK GM for Shopware since 2019, and Ben Marks, Director Global Market Development since 2021.

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Our podcast is deliberately technology and vendor agnostic, and our goal is to help you better understand the ecommerce technology landscape. The ecommerce platform landscape is busy and every year platforms update their roadmaps, increase feature sets and sometimes pivot strategically. That’s why we like to stay up to date with what leading vendors are doing and share with you their perspective on the market and where they’re taking the product roadmap. In this episode we catch up with the Shopware team to discuss how their go-to-market strategy is changing.


  • How has Shopware’s market strategy evolved and why?
  • Key product capabilities and how they’re reacting to competitor evolution
  • Roadmap focus for 2023

Key discussion points

  • Often when people talk about Shopware they reference it in the same way as the Magento Open Source solution: is this a fair comparison or do you see Shopware as very different?
  • How has your strategy & focus changed since we last spoke, as you’re now focused in Europe and US rather than UK?
  • You talk about simplicity vs. flexibility to compare different platforms and position Shopware 6 as being more flexible than SaaS leaders like Shopify and BC: can you explain what you mean by flexible & what’s your evidence?
  • What type/size of business do you best suit and why would Shopware suit this type of business?
  • Rule builder is a strong proposition, can you give some examples of how far it can be pushed to automate and improve business efficiency?
  • Historically your Shopper Experiences CMS tooling has been stronger than competitor page builders but Shopify’s Sections Everywhere has changed this, where are you headed with your CMS tooling?
  • What is your roadmap focus for 2023 – how will the platform feature set grow and evolve?
  • How has your license pricing model changed in 2022 and how do the Rise, Evolve, Beyond versions differ for the merchant?

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