How Stylitics Outfitting Technology Boosts CX & Ecommerce Revenue
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How Stylitics Outfitting Technology Boosts CX & Ecommerce Revenue

In this ecommerce podcast, James and Paul interview Rohan Deuskar, CEO and founder. Rohan founded Stylitics in 2011 and the outfitting technology platform is used by retailers globally including Boden, Walmart, Kohll’s and Bloomingdale’s.

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Stylitics is the world’s largest producer of shoppable digital content for the fashion industry, supporting 50M shoppers per day with personalized inspiration from over 3,000 brands and across nearly 100 of the world’s largest retailers.

In this episode we take a deep dive into the platform with Rohan Deuskar, CEO and founder. Rohan has an innovation and product management background, He founded Stylitics in 2011 and was selected as a NYC Fashion Fellow in 2014, recognised as a rising star in fashion management. He’s also part of the YPO global leadership community for CEOs.


  • What type of business does outfitting tech best suit and why?
  • How can ecommerce teams blend automation with brand control?
  • How are Stylitics customers using the tool to drive ROI?
  • What’s in the roadmap for 2023?

Key discussion points

  • Introductions (60 second elevator pitch for Stylitics)
  • What type/size of business do you need to be to make this work and generate ROI?
  • Integrations: what does Client need in terms of tech resource, what is your role & how do you work with them?
  • Your ML engine auto generates product associations to create bundle recommendations: what data points beyond sales trends is it analyzing to deliver relevance, 
  • Ecommerce trading teams also want brand control: how extensive are the Merchandising rules you provide for them to control what associations are made e.g. never show brand A with brand B?
  • We really like the Swap feature in Style it sections: can you talk listeners through what this is, how it works and which site is the best example of where it has proven value?
  • There are lots of different approaches to handling cross and up-sell in the shopping cart: what is your Style options solution, how does it work and can you talk us through a case study where this has had a measurable sales impact? 
  • Fashion can be tricky to get accurate product associations, as sizing needs to be factored in: how does your platform handle this across different product types like trousers and tops
  • You also offer integration into email: how does this work, to what degree is this personalised based on the user ID vs. generic?
  • When we asked you indicated a 32x average ROI in year1 – us ecommerce folk are naturally sceptical of sales claims, so how is this measured & validated to know it’s genuinely incremental revenue?
  • Can customers run A/B hold out tests using your admin tool, or would they need to do this via their own testing tools? He’s just covered
  • Which customer sites do you think have implemented Stylitics with the best UI design & why?
  • How does your pricing model work: what’s an entry point and what size of business would this cover?
  • You also offer a 3-6 months pilot, who is this eligible to and is there any commitment after the pilot period?
  • What’s next for the product going into 2023?

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