Using AI to Improve Ecommerce Site Search and Product Merchandising
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Using AI to Improve Ecommerce Site Search and Product Merchandising

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the darling of the digital world. The lines are sometimes blurred between AI and machine learning (ML). The key questions are what is genuinely AI and how does it add real value to an ecommerce site?

You need to understand what your shoppers are looking for at each step of the customer journey, as this will help you anticipate and respond to their needs. Doing this manually at scale is practically impossible, which is why many ecommerce businesses have turned to technology to automate this process.

To help provide some insights, we reached out to Attraqt. Attraqt is a market leading AI/ML search, merchandising and personalisation engine. The platform orchestrates shopper moments from awareness to discovery, inspiration to decision making and re-engagement.

For our 72nd episode, CEO Mark Adams and VP of Innovation Nicolas Mathon joined us to discuss how ecommerce teams are using AI to improve on-site search and product merchandising. Mark and Nicolas are both highly experienced, bringing a wealth of strategic and practical insights to the table.

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Key discussion points

  • There are two core products, Fredhopper and XO – what type of businesses use each and why?
  • What are the key differences between an AI-driven search & merch platforms and non-AI?
  • Site search is often a broken user experience; how does your tech improve search results quality and relevance?
  • What are the benefits of the AI auto-generated behavioural segments?
  • How does Attraqt auto extract product data from images and what are the benefits for ecommerce teams?
  • Which ecommerce platforms and tech does Attraqt work with the most and is this changing?
  • What are the A/B testing capabilities native in the platform?


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