Using Data Science & AI to Improve Product Discoverability
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Using Data Science & AI to Improve Product Discoverability

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About this episode

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing ecommerce for small and big businesses. AI is being used by various ecommerce companies to get a better understanding of their customers. It is also being used to improve the online customer experience.

On this episode we speak to the data science team at Coveo. Coveo is an ecommerce vendor providing self-optimising AI that learns from every click and query. We discuss the role AI plays in a leading technology company and how it is benefiting merchants.

Data science & AI for ecommerce

AI powered ecommerce can do many things. For example. it can enable customer-centric online searches, identify prospective customers, answers customers’ queries, simplify sales techniques and establish actual conversations with customers through chatbots.

According to a survey conducted by Adobe with YouGov, 56% of around 7,000 survey respondents are more inclined towards purchasing from online retailers that utilize AI. But is AI really all it’s built up to be?

Data science has been talked about a lot in a B2C context but it’s also becoming a competitive strength for B2B companies. To shed more light on the role of AI and data science and practical applications, we reached out to the team at Coveo. Coveo is a recognised industry leader by Gartner & Forrester. The platform is focused on product discoverability, used by a wide variety of B2C and B2B customers including Rolex, Blackberry, Adobe and Dell.

For our 83rd episode, we’re joined by Andrea Polonioli, who is responsible for Product Management, and Ben Wild, who leads Enterprise Sales.

Key discussion points

Some of the core areas covered in this podcast include:

  • What is data science and why is it important for a technology company?
  • How does the output of the data science team translate into customer facing features?
  • Coveo launched its own AI labs in 2019 – what is its purpose and how does this benefit your customers?
  • Can you talk us through some practical ecommerce use cases for AI in your platform?
  • What are some of the key ways in which Coveo’s AI Labs has helped improve personalisation capabilities?
  • What concerns do you find ecommerce teams have in terms of using AI/ML tooling and the cost of ownership/resourcing?
  • There’s draft AI regulation in Europe (AI Act); what’s Coveo’s take on this & how it may impact what AI can & can’t do in the future?
  • What’s next for the data science team & Coveo?


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