Using Personalisation to Enhance Ecommerce Sites
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Using Personalisation to Enhance Ecommerce Sites

An interview with Nosto

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Personalisation is all about creating unique customer experiences; everyone wants it but what does it really mean? What are the most relevant on-site opportunities for eCommerce teams?

For this episode, we interviewed James White (General Manager UKI) & Valter Anderson (Product Manager) from Nosto, a leading eCommerce personalisation platform. With bags of experience providing custom solutions to a wide range of eCommerce teams, we’ve tapped into their knowledge to share insights on the key personalisation features worth considering, with practical examples.

Key discussion points:

  1. Which ecommerce features are in most demand and why?
  2. What’s popular for content personalisation?
  3. Why would an ecommerce team use a tool like Nosto when many platforms already have native features?
  4. How can you tailor product bundles and who’s doing this well?
  5. What is multi-channel personalisation and what are some examples?
  6. How does Nosto enable testing natively?

If you’ve got any questions for Nosto, feel free to reach out to James:


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