What is WooCommerce & Who Should Use It?
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What is WooCommerce & Who Should Use It?

An interview with Luke Carthy and Kim Leary

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Paul and James explore the WooCommerce platform to find out where it fits in the market. Joined by Luke Carthy, a highly experienced Ecommerce Growth Consultant and Kimberley-Jane Leary, CEO of Birmingham-based Squibble Web Design and Chair Birmingham Tech Week, they get to grips with what Woo offers ecommerce teams.

Key discussion points:

  • Where does WooCommerce it sit in the ecommerce vendor market?
  • What types of business does it suit & why?
  • What are the pros and cons of the platform?
  • Out the box, how good is the core performance?
  • How strong is it for SEO compared to other leading platforms like Magento?
  • What do your developers like and dislike about Woo, and why?

If you have any questions for Luke or Kim you can reach out via LinkedIn.


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