Using The Yotpo Marketing Platform To Increase Customer Loyalty
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Using The Yotpo Marketing Platform To Increase Customer Loyalty

In this ecommerce podcast, James interviews Erin Twyman, Senior Manager for Learning & Enablement, and Itay Vladomirsky, Director of Partnerships, at customer marketing platform Yotpo.

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Erin and Itay from Yotpo share insights on how ecommerce teams make use of the Yotpo platform ecosystem to automate customer campaigns, including customer reviews, SMS marketing and loyalty programs. They also explain how the new Subscriptions product for Shopify merchants works and where the future roadmap focus is heading into 2023.


  • Understanding the Yotpo platform ecosystem
  • How SMS can be used to improve customer engagement and conversion
  • The new Subscriptions product for Shopify merchants
  • Future roadmap focus

Key discussion points

  • Which product are you seeing the most demand growth for, and why?
  • Let’s explore the SMS Bump product, as investment in SMS has definitely grown: what does your SMS flow builder let people do, how are merchants using it in the wild?
  • What are the integration requirements with the ecom platform or other data sources to enable segmentation and behavioural flows?
  • How does the mobile checkout click to buy actually work, for example for a retailer with an ecom store that has an existing payment gateway like Stripe or Adyen?
  • Retailers want insights to drive decision making, how are customers using your real-time reporting to react to opportunities / fix issues?
  • You recently added Subscriptions product for Shopify customers; why this addition, as the Shopify subscription space already has well established players like Recharge?
  • How well integrated is Subscriptions with the other products like SMS, Email & Loyalty, and what are the plans for this product?
  • How does your Loyalty engine integrate with eCRM tools like Klaviyo or ESPs like Mailchimp to automate loyalty campaigns and triggered notifications e.g. when someone moves up a tier based on spend?
  • Does Loyalty support advanced rewards like free Gift with purchase and non-spend related rewards e.g. accrue points for posting UGC, leaving reviews etc.?
  • I know there used to be a single license fee for everything, which worked out expensive if you only wanted one product; how does the licensing model now work across the multiple products and what’s the entry point for someone wanting to start with a single product?
  • You’ve also added Product Bundles: how do these work and is there a pricing incentive to invest in a bundle?
  • Where is the Yotpo roadmap headed in 2023 and why?

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