BigCommerce Checkout, Omnichannel & Promotions Update
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BigCommerce Checkout, Omnichannel & Promotions Update

The second in a two-part product strategy podcast with leading ecommerce vendor, BigCommerce. In this episode we discuss the latest product developments in the checkout, payments, promotions and omnichannel with Jordan Sim, Senior Director of Product Management.

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  • Open checkout and payment updates
  • Changes to the promotions engine
  • Omnichannel news for Click & Collect customer journeys
  • Current state of inventory management in MSF

Product development is an interesting part of the ecommerce vendor landscape, and SaaS world is a constant stream of feature updates. One of the benefits of hosting the Re:platform podcast is getting access to technology leaders and influencers to understand how they’re shaping product strategy.

This week we follow up our discussion with BigCommerce’s Director of Competitive Strategy and drill into specific functional capabilities in the product roadmap. We cover the open checkout and payments, promotions engine, inventory management and omnichannel flows.

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Discussion notes

  1. Jordan please can you give people a flavour for what your role entails and key projects you’re working on?
  2. BigCommerce’s open checkout is one of the things people like the most about an open SaaS model: what’s happened for this product area in the last 12 months and what’s due for release in the next 12?
  3. And let’s talk about the payments side: are there plans relating to open banking, as this gets raised in the industry but I’m not aware of any specific features for example direct to bank integration for account payments?
  4. BigCommerce previously indicated they are working on a built-in subscription system, is this reality or not on the roadmap?
  5. And what’s the news on the omnichannel piece around Click & Collect, as lots of interest at the moment from merchants wanting to tie this up with in-store POS?
  6. What’s coming up for promotions, are you adding support for new promotion types of working on lifting any current constraints?
  7. And I know you also look after inventory, where’s the platform at with its MLI capability in MSF, do merchants have proper flexibility now to connect multiple stock files to individual locales, or restrict where a locale can access stock?

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